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Rent a WizzyWizza today our luxury Scooters are Ideal for city tour on a sunny day, you can even do beach tours!


our e-scooters have become the hottest and fastest way to travel in the inner city of london making our scooters more and more popular by using Eco friendly scooters this brings down pollution levels reduces exhaust emissions in our cities our  Speed way 4 mini electric scooter 48v bldc 500w suitable for adults and children with parent supervision scooter has 3 speed function also can be restricted for suitable use of children


50km range 45km top speed 120 kg maximum load 16kg in weight tires 8inch gradability 27% this dynamic and agile e scooter accommodates to road situation with an ease, and will serve you faithfully regardless of your plans.



£30 per day

£150 per week

£350 monthly



2 forms of ID

1 utility bill within 3 months

(1)The customer acknowledges WizzyWizza accepts no responsibility for any injuries, damage or loss of property from use of the e scooters

(2) the customer agrees to accept full liability for any damage to the scooter, any cost of repairs due to damage caused by customer or third parties will be recovered from the customer and the customer will forefeit their deposit to offset the cost.

(3) the customer acknowledges that all scooters not returned within the given time frame the customer will be liable for the full retail price of the scooter as well as any costs incurred during recovery.

Lost of property

Liable to pay full amount of scooter plus recovery charge