Speedway4 Electric Scooter

For Ages 18

The innovated evolution of Speedway is continued Wow, Great!
Never stopped innovation Surprisingly beautiful evolution
The name is, Speedway IV

Motor Specification52V MAX 1,600W BLDC HUB Motor
Battery capacityEX 1,347Wh Li-Polymer
Product weightAround 23.7kg (Battery included)
Riding speedMax 45km/h (L3 mode)
Driving mileageMax 100km (Eco mode)
GradabilityAround 27%
Tire10? Wide Tube tire
Folding convenienceHandle one touch quick folding
Handlebar one touch sliding folding
Max loadAround 120kg



Product Info

Product Description

About Speedway4

Forget Speedway so far! The quality can?t be copied Worldwide year 2017 type luxury life electric scooter. Fantastic driving made by the beautiful light system and dual suspension! Minimotors designed Emotional design only for Speedway Design & Utility model registered 1,347Wh High capacity Li-polymer battery.

From front to rear Perfect driving comfort of Dual suspension 03

Speedway4 has dual suspension, which can see only from the most luxurious model and it provides more stable and smooth driving.

Which provides great driving comfort Rear air suspension is applied 04

The most different thing in Speedway4 is rear suspension, which absorbs the shock and provide comfortable and stable riding comfort.

More sophisticated User-focused design is applied 05

Speedway4 is designed by Minimotors development team and the design point is user convenience. More sophisticated emotional design as much more enhanced light system and electric brake function, integrated folding parts and ETC will enhance the driving comfort.

More robust body with CNC method Folding part integral type design 06

Speedway4 is robust with an integral folding parts arm and controller casing by CNC method. And the integral folding part minimize the play on the folding part.

Headlight-Taillight-Brakelight & Front, rear side lamp More beautiful and various light function 07

Speedway4 has applied variety light system for the emotional design of the Speedway. More beautiful and various light functions will increase the driving satisfaction.

For driver safety Left & Right turn signal is applied 08

The turn signal which is one of new functions for a user convenience can be used with a switch can mode left and right. It shows direct to turn with blinking rear side lamp and warning sound therefore it helps to keep the driving safety distance.

For more safety, Electric brake is applied 09

When Speedway 4 is set to use the electric brake (P9 – Electronic Brake Intensity Medium (1), Hard (2), Off (0)), the electric brakes are applied to available smooth and stable braking and stopping. (Caution: Do not use when the DualtronMan is fully charged.)

Easier maintenance Easy wheel repair system is applied 10

Speedway4 has been upgraded to make it easier to remove from Easy Wheel Repair system that was introduced on Speedway3, and it is much easier to separate and recombine during tire puncture for user self maintenance.

Stiff tension is needed! 2 step tension control function of rear air suspension 11

The rear air suspension, which is first introduced in the Speedway4 allows you to adjust the strength of the rear air suspension by simply changing the position of the two step fixing holes. Feel the driving comfort of speedway4 with elasticity feeling by adjusting rear air suspension tension suitable for user.

For easy maintenance The easy open & close deck is applied 12

The Speedway4 uses a deck system similar to the Dualtron and open and close decks easily with unscrew some screws for easy and shorter time maintenance.

Convenience and wider Stable deck 13

Speedway4 is equipped with 52V 1,347Wh battery, which makes the deck longer than the Speedway3, makes comfortable driving. Also, with the rear air suspension, the height of the deck becomes even higher and it helps to secure a wide viewing angle when driving.

Additional Information

Colour Variation

Black, White

More Details

Speedway4 has built-in short time anti theft function that prevents the dashboard power button is turned on when the red light button on the handlebars is on. If the dashboard power does not turn on, please check the light button!

ModeDisplay value and dashboard detail setting
P010 (Can’t change)P5Starting method / Accel start(0), Kick start(1)
P1430 (Can’t change)P6Cruise mode(Auto drive) / Off(0), On(1)
P210 (Can’t change)P7Start speed / Power start(0), Slow start(1)
P30 (fixed)P8Max speed / 1~100% adjust
P4Speed display method km/h(0), mp/h(1)P9Electric brake intensity / None(0), Medium(1), Hard(2)


Product nameSpeedwayNote
Motor type52V 600W BLDC HUB motor (Rear wheel drive)
Battery typeEX plusLi-Polymer high discharging cell
Battery capacity26AH (1347Wh)
Product weightAround 23.7kgBattery included
Charging hour11~12hrDepending on the battery condition,
Driving mileage85~100km60kg load 25 degrees of ambient temperature Based on the flat road 20km/h constant speed driving
Max speed25km/h(L1), 35km/h(L2), 45km/h(L3)
FoldingHandle one touch quick folding(S Button) / Handle bar one touch slide folding
GradeabilityAround 27%
Unfolding size121 x 57.5 118cmLength x Width x Height
Folding size124 x 25 x 40cmLength x Width x Height
DashboardMultifunction smart LED dashboard (Battery level, voltage, trip, ODO, driving time, driving speed and mode change function)Cruise function / Electric brake function / Slow-Power start function, Kick start-Accelator start function / Auto save power(3 minutes)
Button functionLED headlight & Taillight(Red button) / Electric horn(Green button)Left and Right signal light switch Deck right bottom front lamp button(Power button)
Brake systemDisk brake(Front&Rear) + Electric brakeFor both front&rear / When the electric brake function is set on the dashboard
SuspensionHydraulic spring suspension(Front)+Air Suspension(Rear)Front and rear dual suspension
Tire size10inch(10×2.5) Wide tube tire (Proper air pressure 45psi)Tire width Around 5.8cm
Product materialSpecial aluminum alloy (Flame, steering handle bar), ABS(Cover)CNC method casting