Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter

For Ages 18

The Legend of Electric Technology Powered by Minimotors in Korea Dualtron ULTRA I?m a legend.

The Ultimate Power Machine with Ultra High Performance DUALTRON ULTRA The end of an argument about speed, power, gradeability, safety Premium luxury brand Dualtron Ultra rewrites the history of the electric scooter.

Product weight37 KG
Tire11 inch ultra wide off-road tire
MotorMax 5,400W
Battery60V 35Ah (2,072Wh)
MileageMax (100 ~ 120 KM)
SpeedMax (75~80 km/h)
Gradability70% (Around 35?)
Max load150 KG


Product Info

Product Description

To be discontinued. Pre order while stocks last

Dualtron Ultra Scooters

Powerful power from the two motors!

Dualtron Ultra offers overwhelming acceleration and climbing ability that you have never felt before.

Minimotors Dualtron series motor power comparison chart
  • Dualtron I: Max 3,000W
  • Dualtron II: Max 3,600W
  • Dualtron Ultra: Max 5,400W

High performance Samsung SDI battery 100% manufactured in Korea.

Samsung SDI battery included.

It is equipped with the largest capacity and high performance lithium ion battery in Korea, and it is possible to carry out high power and long distance riding.

?Amazing performance, unrivaled Dualtron Ultra?

Dualtron Ultra battery charging time
  • 2A Charger: 17hr
  • 4A Charger: 8hr (When use two 2A chargers simultaneously.)
  • 6.5A Rapid charger: 5hr

*The Dualtron Ultra 2A charger is a default option, and the 6.5A rapid charger and the auxiliary battery are sold separately.

Special heat sink structure that prevents overheating due to high power is applied as a default option!

It is equipped with a special heat sink which protects the damage of the controller from high heat generated from the dual controller at high output to the outside.

Powerful Dualtron Ultra!

Perfectly protect for high speed!

Dualtron Ultra which is born with tremendous power is an electric scooter for extreme leisure.
Be sure to wear the full face helmet and protective gear perfectly and use it safely in a safe place.

Before riding, be sure to wear full face helmet which cover whole the face and protective gloves, and protective gears which protect the knee, elbow, back bone, shoulder, ETC.

The superior driving comfort of the Dualtron Ultra

Dual rubbers suspension on the front and rear wheels is default option

A dual rubber suspension that achieved both large shock and small vibration is attached to the front and rear wheels to provide excellent shock absorption and the best riding comfort for passengers.

Powerful braking ability of Dualtron Ultra

Dual electronic brakes with dual disc brakes provide the best braking performance with regenerative charging.

Precautions when using electronic brake immediately after full battery charge

Since the electronic brake may not be activated in a fully charged state, be aware of this and operate it. If the battery is running low, the electronic brake will operate normally.

* When the machine is shipped from the factory, the electronic brake function is released.

Must be robust under all conditions

One of the most important parts of Dualtron Ultra, the front, rear swing arm is made of special forged aluminum for aircraft to ensure durability and safe running in any environment.

Robust and more robust, 8.5mm handle post

The 3.5mm tube is added to the existing 5mm handle post to enhance the durability of the handle..

More Details

LCD display instrument panel

The dashboard on the Dualtron Ultra is a multi function instrument panel that allows you to adjust the various functions such as speed mode, start mode, cruise mode, electronic brake, as well as acceleration function. (Self-developed).

  • Power button
  • Accelerator
  • Mode button

+ Press the power button and the mode button simultaneously for 2 seconds to enter the setting mode with the screen flickering.

P0 : 10 (Non-changeable)
P1 : 48 (Non-changeable)
P2 : 15 (Non-Changeable)
P3 : 0 (Fixed)
P4: Speed indicate Km/h(0), mile(1)

P5: Start metthood Accelerator start(0), Kick start(1)
P6: Cruise mode Off(0), On(1)

P7: Start speed Power(0), Slow(1)

P8: Max speed adjustment 1~100%

P9: Electric brake strength Off(0), Medium(1), Hard(2)


The cruise function is very convenient to get used to! Be sure to use it comfortably and safely after you know it!
The cruise control function allows you to maintain your driving speed automatically.
The advantage of cruise control function is that you can reduce fatigue during long distance driving, and you can increase driving mileage by driving at constant speed.

Start of the cruise function

  • Select the cruise function section of the instrument cluster as ‘Setting’.
  • If the throttle is kept at the same acceleration for about 7 seconds, the cruise mode starts.

End of the cruise function
When hold and release the brake while cruise mode is running, the cruise mode is automatically canceled.

Precautions when using the cruise functionWhen cruising is in operation, be sure to drive the brakes immediately so that the cruise function is disabled and ready for braking in preparation for your safety.Cruise mode must be released by operating the brake lever and not by throttle.

11 inch offroad ultra wide tire suitable for harsh environments

Apply of 11 inch ultra wide tire for off road which is strong in abrasion resistance, it provides stable running even in rough conditions.

Tires for on road are available (sold separately, can be installed at branches).

* Be sure to check the scooter status before and after operation and drive after checking proper air pressure (50 psi).

Handle grip with excellent grip

The Dualtron Ultra’s streamlined handlebar helps to maintain a stable position while reducing the fatigue of your hands when driving for a long time.

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Product nameDualtron Ultra
BatteryULTRALi-Ion battery(SAMSUNG)
Battery capacity2,072 Wh60V 35Ah
Product weightAround 37kgBattery included weight
Body : 28kg / Battery: 9kg
Charging time (2A)17hr+When using 2A chargerDepending on the battery condition
Charging time(4A)8hr+Charging time(4A) 8hr+ When using 2units of 2A charger
Charging time(6.5A)5hr+When using a rapid charger(6.5A)
Max speed(Du)Max 75~80km/h75kg, 67.2V, full charging, flat road continuous running basis
*Max mileage could be shorter depending on the driving environment.
3 step speed adjustment on the Instrument panel and single&dual mode select function
GradeabilityAround 70%(Around 35°)Gradeability depends on the weight of the user, road condition, battery condition, temperature.
Max load150 kgMax 120kg is recommended
FoldingHandle post two touch double foldingPatent pending
Instrument panelMultifunction smart LCD instrument panel (Index finger type), Battery remains,Electronic brake strength adjustment and on & off function