DUALTRON MAN Electric Scooter

For Ages 18

The 2nd Offering from Minimotors. The ultimate Extreme Machine DUALTRON MAN.

MotorMax 2,700W BLDC Hubless Motor
BatteryMX : 60V 1,065Wh EX : 60V 1,540Wh EX : 60V 1,864Wh
WeightAround 33kg (With EX battery)
SpeedMax 65km/h (67.2V Full charge basis)
DistanceMax 100~110km (EX battery basis)
GradabilityAround 50% (70kg rider, 67.2V full charge basis)
Tire15? (Front and Rear wide tube tire)
Riding controlRemote control assembly (Hand type control)
Max LoadAround 140kg (Under 120kg is recommendable)



Product Info

Product Description

Dualtron Man Scooter

Safety first!

Dualtron Man is extreme leisure vehicle and it can be dangerous in some case. Rider should keep a safety rule and wear a safety gear at the safety place when riding. Safety riding is much enjoyable.

The ultimate Power

Power train for only Dualtron Man Max 2,700W BLDC Hubless Motor Drive System Max Speed 65km/h / Max Gradability 50%

Special power train for Dualtron Man is the best hubless motor that Minimotors developed.

Except tire, brake lever & caliper, the most parts of Dualtron Man include motor, controller accelerating system is made by Minimotors. Especially, the BLDC Hubless motor which is the key of the power train is a special power train patent pending is only for Dualtron Man. It has max output 2,700W of powerful torque and 65km/h of max speed. And it is easy to do ??Willie? which is one of trick with accelerator control and a 50% of gradability helps driving without stopping.

The Ultimate Range

Large capacity of battery for only Dualtron Man Max 1,864Wh Capacity of Li-Ion (Korean or Japanese). EX battery pack of Dualtron Man is consist of high performance Korean or Japanese cell for long time riding. High performance, high discharging battery pack is installed for the Dualtron Man to enjoy for a long time and there are three types of model MX(1,065Wh-Chinese Li-ion battery pack_, EX(1,540Wh-Chinese Li-polymer battery pack), EX (1,864Wh-Korean or Chinese Li-ion battery pack) and the users can choose the battery capacity they like.

The Ultimate safety

Dual safety brake system for only Dualtron Man Dual Brake System for high brake force (Disc and Electro)
More safety riding with dual safety brake system-Dualtron Man is for safety and fun riding. The brake system for Dualtron Man is dual safety brake system with rear disk brake and electric brake. Especially, convenience and safety decelerating and braking is possible as the two brakes system works when user squeezes brake lever.


Regenerative charging system for only Dualtron Man Regenerative Braking System for high efficiency recharging (5A). When brake works, regenerative charging function is automatically operated and charge MAX 5A. Dualtron Man has auto regenerative charging system that automatically regenerative charged when the brake lever works. As it has the best efficiency ever and is not comparable to the existing one which is unpractical. It is smart recharging system charge Max 5A by itself every time when brake works.


Multi functional dashboard for only Dualtron Man Multi-Functional Smart LCD Display & Mode Select Button. LCD multi functional dashboard makes user can set the variety setting as a motor power and electric brake. As Dualtron Man has a multi functional LCD dashboard which has good visibility and user can choose setting as speed, cruise mode, slow start and electric brake setting.
*If you scan QR code, you can move to the dashboard function setting page of Dualtron Man.

The Ultimate Lightening

High brightness dual light for only Dualtron Man. Dual LED headlight & taillight for unique style and safe driving at night. High brightness dual light of Dualtron Man helps to have unique style and good visibility at night. The light system for Dualtron Man is manufactured to help safe night driving with good visibility.
Especially, front and rear both has high brightness LED and it provides unique style and good visibility even though it is long time driving.

The Ultimate Durability

Robust flame and cowl only for Dualtron Man Aluminium Alloys 6082-T6 Frame & Polycarbonate Cover
Semi-permanent flame and cover (Max Load 140kg). Dualtron Man is consisted of high robust material as special aluminum alloy flame and forged parts, cowl made of bullet resistant material. Dualtron Man?s structure is designed frame and cowl separately, and full aluminum alloy 6062-T6 frame supports rider?s weight and Dualtron Man can support max 140kg of load and it has incomparable durability to the existed products. And the cowl protects the Dualtron also robust with made of polycarbonate which is bullet resistant material.

Additional Information

Colour Variation

Black, White

DualtronMan Version

DualtronMan MX, DualtronMan Ex, DualtronMan EX

More Details

  • 2017 type second flagship model of Minimotors made with 17 years technology.
  • Most of the parts include power train and even tube is made by Minimotors except some parts as a tire, brake lever & caliper.
  • Full aluminum alloy flame and polycarbonate cowl makes Dualtron Man light and robust.
  • Specific aluminum alloy material which is for aircraft is used and Dualtron Man can resist about 140kg of the user’s weight.
  • Patented hubless motor provide Max 2,700W highest power and stable riding experience.
  • Dualtron Man has 50% of gradability and it provides stable riding comfort even if it is on a slope.
  • Motor and controller cooling system provides stable riding.
  • Largest capacity high performance Li-ion or polymer battery makes user can ride longest distance.
  • There are three selectable models MX(1,065Wh), EX(1,540Wh), EX+(1,864Wh) due to battery capacity.
  • Auxiliary external battery can be applied as Dualtron Man is designed for the auxiliary battery.
  • Hand type remote control assembly makes easy to control accelerating and decelerating.
  • Variety setting as a motor power and an electric brake can be set with its multi functional dashboard.
  • Rear wheel disk brake and electric brake helps stable decelerating and stopping in the fast speed.
  • Around 5Ah can be charged with auto recovery charging system when a brake lever is squeezed.
  • High performance dual headlight and taillight provides safety riding(A brake light is default option)
  • Nonslip sheet and robust foot step and side pad for trick is applied.
  • 15” wide tube tire helps its riding comfort and good riding experience.
  • Front and rear wheel large bearing drive system realized silent wheel drive.
  • Remote control assembly(Hand controller)
  • Default external battery extension port
  • LED headlight
  • Additional external battery can be installed(Option)
  • Multi functional dashboard
  • LED taillight (Brake function included)
  • Bearing drive system
  • 60V BLDC Hubless motor(Patent pending)


Product nameDualtron Man (Electric WHEELMAN)Note
MotorMax 2,700W BLDC HUBLESS MOTOR(Silent wheel drive with big bearing drive system)
ModelMXEXEX+Li-ion battery (EX-Li-Polymer)
Capacity60V 1,065Wh60V 1,540Wh60V 1,864Wh18A / 26A / 31.5A
Weight33kg32.5kg33kgFlame: 25.5kg / Battery: 7.5kg(EX+)
Charging9hr±13hr±16hr±Standard 2A charger base / Can be different due to battery status (If you use optional quick charger, 3 times faster)
RangeMax 100-110kmEX+ battery, 70kg loaded, 25*atmosphere temperature 20km constant drive on flat road
SpeedMax 65km/h70kg loaded, 67.2V max charged
Gradability50% (Climb ability 26*)Gradability can be different due to riders weight, road condition, battery status, temperature
Max loadRear disk brake and electric brake (Two brakes work simultaneously)Auto recovery charging system applied when brake lever works. : max charging current around 5A(World first and biggest efficiency)
Cooling control systemCooling heat control system only for Dualtron ManCooling maximize system is applied for stable working of controller
DashboardLCD multi functional dashboardBattery remains, TRIP, ODO, Time, Speed, Voltage and user selected function
Product size270 x 1085 x 300mmFront width(FW) x Length(L) x Rear width(RW)
TireFront and rear Taiwan Chungshin Offload tube tireOnload tire can be replaced (Will be release)
(Offload tire is default)
MaterialFlame-Full aluminum alloy, Aluminum forged alloy(6082-T6) / Cowl-Polycarbonate