Dualtron LTD Electric Scooter

Ages 18

Masterpiece of the Dual scooter that Minimotors in Korea makes and the world recognized. Different emergence of the world class most luxury premium electric scooter

DUALTRON II (Launching!!): The dream of electric technology

Dualtron II

60V Max 3,600W
BLDC Dual Hub motor
High capacity Li-ion Battery
SAMSUNG or LG or PANASONIC High discharge cell


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Product Description

To be discontinued. Pre order while stocks last

  • The Ultimate Driving Machine DUALTRON II The dream of electric technology Powered by MINIMOTORS in KOREA.
  • Got both power and speed!
  • The best luxury electric scooter that will fascinate the world DUALTRON II The dream of electric technology.
  • The flagship model of Minimotors integrated all technology for 17years.
  • All designed by Minimotors in Korea, manufactured in Minimotors factory.
  • Aluminum alloys forging 6063-T6 materials for main and handle frame.
  • The new dual power system which is continued from the world first dual driving system that Minimotors developed is equipped.
  • High acceleration and gradeability is realized (Motor max output 3,600W, Max speed 65km/h, Gradeability 47%).
  • Dual full rubber suspension system to improve the ride comfort. (Patented).
  • Two touch dual folding made a robust body with easy folding. (Patent pending).
  • High capacity and performance Li-Ion Battery pack for a long distance.
  • Four selectable battery type (MX, EX, EX , LTD)
    (To assure riding and braking safety distance, taillight and brake light is default option)
  • Fast & Perfect brake with dual braking system (high force brake and electric brake)
  • Electric brake power can be adjusted and can be turned on and off. Auto recovery charging function.
  • Easy repair wheel design for disassembly to replace tire and tube easily.
  • Main power switch helps to select a battery between main battery and auxiliary battery.
  • Auxiliary battery can be connected (Optional).
  • Quick charging kit rechargeable in only 3 hours (Optional).
  • Removable seat Kit (Optional).
  • Natural rubber handle grip only for Dualtron is a default option and safety is enhanced.
  • To prevent any dirt and to keep clean product, long rear fender is a default option.
  • Luxury matte painting and wiring and finishing enhancing maturity.
  • Driving mode & Motor selection button
  • Natural rubber handle grip only for Dualtron
  • Handle bar which can mount mobile phone and various accessories
  • When set smart dashboard option P0 to 9, the speed is almost same as GPS speed
  • For safety, double safety control function (Physical brake Electric brake) is a default option
  • Aluminum alloys forging body and engraved model mark on a handle post
  • Tidy wiring and luxury matte painting finishing
  • Patent pending two touch folding system helps body to be more robust with easier folding
  • Dual motor max speed 65km/h, gradeability 47%, Single motor max speed 50km/h, front & rear 10? wide tube tire
  • Patented front and rear dual rubber suspension is a default option for shock absorbing and the best riding comfort
  • New power train system provides longer distance of the riding, faster speed and gradeability / SAMSUNG or LG or PANASONIC Li-ion high discharge cell is used, 4 types of model name is engraved on the deck
  • Extension type long rear fender
  • Headlight, Taillight, brake light is default option for a safety
  • Product name engraved rear swing arm
  • High strength non-slip deck
  • Auxiliary battery connection port and main power system, Safety light button is designed to locate on the left side of the deck