Wizzy Wizza luxury scooters provides a way of life with Scooter riding clubs Check out the Media section for videos

Dualtron LTD

The best luxury electric scooter that will fascinate the world DUALTRON II The dream of electric technology


2017 type second flagship model of Minimotors made with 17 years technology

Dualtron Ultra

DUALTRON ULTRA The end of an argument about speed, power, gradeability, safety Premium luxury brand

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Wizzy Wizza luxury scooters is a way of life it’s not just a product or service it’s a community

Eco Friendly, Electric, Adults Scooters

Looking for quality high-end luxury electric scooters at superb prices, then we can help. Here at Wizzy Wizza we offer a wide selection of exclusive electric scooters ensuring you can find the ideal scooter for you. With an exclusive range of luxury electric scooters, even the most discerning individuals couldn’t find any fault with our amazing luxury electric scooters. We are not just a product, service or brand; we are an eco-friendly community and a way of life.

With fantastic aftercare, fully comprehensive customer service here at Wizzy Wizza our luxury electric scooters are absolutely state of the art! They are not just another vehicle they are an investment that not just saves you money your scooter can make you money too. Cutting prices in places you didn’t know you had money; for the adult who wants to commute or for customers who like off-road usage we have all types of great products for different types of fun. Scooters are no longer just for children.

Whether it is for the commute to work or just for some fun in your spare time, riding on a scooter is becoming the new dynamic way to travel light, fast and safe it’s the new fun no matter your age or experience. Scooters are made for everyone to ride and enjoy. No fuel emissions, No noise, No pollution, seeing life in a totally different way. Wizzy Wizza electric scooters are fully committed to helping save the environment, our innovative electric scooter range will blow you away. Boasting sleek lines and fantastic handling, the eco friendly scooters we sell are second to none.

From the Dualtron and Speedway Minimotors series; all our scooters are made from tough durable material and are very safe to ride. Easy to operate and handle they have great power and sufficient speed to whizz along safely. All of our luxury products contain our unique electric technology, which makes them less work than normal scooters to ride, and features like indicators, LED lights for night time use and three speed modes as well as cruise control setting speed to 1 continuous mode of speed making it durable for the riders experience. This isn’t just an amazing piece of kit for adult scooter enthusiasts, it’s for everyone. All the scooters we sell represent superb value for money and offer great longevity, so why not head over to our Shop today to find the perfect scooter for you.


  • Altrem, Sweden

    "I want to say thank u very much for the scooter 🛴 and for all the help with that situation that occurred. Two days I'm already enjoy it! I'm very glad."


  • Junior

    "Great scooter, amazing speed, can easily be handled, amazing battery life, a great asset to have for quick and long journeys, gets me to work and back in no time at all. Definitely will buy again from WizzyWizza.com! Great guys, friendly and easy to talk too, very helpful, will definitely recommend to others."


  • Sam Worth

    " I got my scooter from WizzyWizza, great customer support. You won't regret it!"


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